May 15, 2018

A group of 30 people made up of artists, agents, journalists and fans gathered at Made In Memphis Entertainments Studios to sing 'gang background vocals'.  The group shared their vocal talent to two tracks from Anthony's forthcoming album - 'Come Down From Heaven (B.B. King Come Down)' and 'Peace, Love & Loud Guitars'.

Some of the vocalists included:

Albert Castiglia (Recording Artist)

Antry (Recording Artist)

Amanda Fish (Recording Artist)

Alex Smith (Biscuit Miller & the Mix)

DuPree (Recording Artist)

Rick Booth & Cameron Farquhar (Intrepid Artists International)

Paul & Jean Benjamin (North Atlantic Blues Festival)

Chef Jimi & Leslie Joseph (Blues 411)

Cleve Baker (Confessing The Blues)

Angela Ghoreishi (President Memphis Blues Society)

Natalie Gabel (Board of Directors, Memphis Blues Society)

Hugh Taylor

Barb Hensiek (Amp Entertainment)

Lexi Miles (Ms. Miles Media)

Larry Wortman, Lothar Damsch, Donna Damsch (LP Tour Mgmt)

Richanne Hosford & Maja Bartczak (Tour Publicity & Street Team)

Peter Carson (Manager)

Kat Goodenow (Social Media Director)

Adam Hill (Engineer)

Lisa Antry

Jason McCarley

Gary Nuetzel

Brigid & David Martin

Steve & Charlene Fletcher